Check out the missionaries The Bridge supports around the world!

Pastor Jon & Rebecca Burtram
Redemption Church

Mike & Cindy Zello
Teen Challenge

David & Elizabeth Huffman
Live Free Groups

Spiritual Care Support Ministries

Daran & Noreen Lemon
Utah Valley University Chi Alpha

Harvey & Sally Herman
Chi Alpha

Gilbert & Lindsey Banton
University of Connecticut Chi Alpha

Luke & Sarah Bates

Michael & Cara Tyler

Warren & Laura VanDolsen

Matt & Ashley Richardson

Mark & Sandra Smith

Brad & Shelly Foltz

Unnamed missionary to sensitive area

Rick & Donna Whitcomb

Rick & Elaine Caswell

Mark & Holly Brantley

Aaron & Heather Santmyire

Bill & Connie McDonald

Charles & Kathleen McMillen

Tom & Paula Redding

Suzanne Spolarich

Unnamed missionary to sensitive area

Duane & Lori Danielsen

Mark & Ellen Cannon

Andy & Stacy Whitman

Alexander & Kathryn Humphries

Shawn & Deborah Galyen

Dave & Kelly Godzwa

Brett & Elise Deal

Butch & Pam Frey
AG World Missions, Veteran Missionary Support

Upcoming Trips

Appalachia (AIM, Adventures in Missions) July 21-26, 2019 (Family, ages 6+)

Work varies from helping the elderly at nursing homes or day care centers, construction in homes of the disabled, helping at homeless food pantries, kids lunchbox programs, and working at teen shelters.


Romania (Pastor Ovidiu) August 2-16, 2019

Bring tent ministry into unreached Gypsy Villages.


Peru (Mission Outfitter)  February 2020

Bring clean water and sanitation (water wells and composting toilets) into the jungles of Peru while building up the churches that are formed as a result of this work.


Honduras (Brad Foltz) February 8-14, 2020

Church construction for pastors and churches without a building.


Panama April 2019 and October 2019

Remote jungle church building construction, discipleship, and teaching to the Ngobe.


Before going on your first missions trip with The Bridge join The Missions Team for Missions 101, a 4 week intro course.

For any questions and to sign up for Missions 101, please send an email to missions@bridge4life.com

International Missions Application

U.S. Missions Application


The Bridge Missions Courses

Missions 101 – Intro to Missions


Mandatory mission preparation course for anyone who would like to go on a mission trip with The Bridge Community Church.


Includes: missions basics, church framework, participation requirements, spiritual motivation, team synergy, interactive supplements, and next steps coaching.


Duration: 4 Weeks


Missions 201 – Missions Preparation


Once you sign up for a mission trip with The Bridge Community Church, your team will engage in trip specific Missions 201 preparation together.


Includes: information on location specifics, ministering across cultural divides, prayer, team unification, trip fundraising, spiritual preparation with devotions, and logistics.


Duration: 4 weeks minimum


Missions 301 – Missions Leadership


Mandatory course for anyone desiring to lead a mission trip within The Bridge Community Church.


Includes: administration, spiritual preparation, team building, fundraising strategies, cultural awareness, sustainability, planning a trip, sharing your story, debrief and reentry.


Duration: 8 weeks finishing with an assessment.



Before going on your first missions trip with The Bridge join The Missions Team for Missions 101, a 4 week intro course.


Support Missions

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Missionary Encouragement Teams

Be a part of the global impact as our missionaries go to the ends of the earth to share the gospel. All missionaries need encouragement and prayer as they give their lives to the work of the great commission in the area God has called them to.


The Bridge wants to be a church that supports in partnership through financial support, prayer support, and encouragement.


Teams of 2-4 from The Bridge will commit to monthly prayer for a missionary, reading their newsletters, and encouraging them (example: care packages, emails, videoconference, or visits)


Once a quarter, Encouragement Teams will be asked to report updates, needs, and prayer requests to The Missions Committee on their missionary.