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We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for inspiring and enthusiastic worship, direct and encouraging messages in a relaxed atmosphere, and high-energy kids services. Connection Groups throughout the week reinforce our purpose to make disciples and form relationships with those inside and outside our church walls.

SUNDAYS AT 9AM | 10:45AM | 12:30PM

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This sermon series will focus on the parables of Jesus. The Bible records 40 parables of Jesus. All of Jesus’ parables are recorded in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. The book of John does not record any parables. The book of Luke has 28 parables, of which 15 are unique to the book of Luke alone.


MISSIONS IN FOCUS: Cutting EDGE Ministries

This month’s Missions in Focus is Cutting EDGE Ministries. Listen here to Keith Seymour to tell you more about EDGE Clubs; discipleship programs in our local public schools.